Week 5

The lecture on week 5 provided us information on the human senses in terms of neuroscience and great practical examples which every one of us can relate in everyday activities. It would be interesting to see to what level the human sense is based on instincts, for example, how does our visual cortex activate differently compared to seeing another human vs seeing a dog or even a fish, like a trout.

The quickly mentioned game – Eyewire was interesting to try out also, although the game does not provide as much useful information on theory, the visual stimulus it provides in terms of different neurons is superb!

It would have been interesting to see more material on the applications on the visual sense of humans. What kind of research is there in regards to research? What kind of applications has been developed, that make us of the visual system? I have, for example, heard of goggles, that make it possible for colourblind people to see colours. 

I found it interesting, how the pathways between the visual cortex and the retina have been studied. Was the radioactive material that was transported from the retina to the visual cortex, travelling via axons with the same transport mechanisms as neurotransmitters, which are produced in the soma?