Week 4

Viewing the experimental data and theory was a really great addition for the lecture on week 4. It was very interesting to see how the data points of the placebo effect really followed the nalmefene curve. Serotonin affects mood: This would be really interesting to see in a data point form (even though mood is hard to measure).

There is a lot to learn about neurotransmitters. Even though the general idea of chemical connectivity in the brain is familiar to us, there are plenty of details left unexplored. Furthermore, the fact that neurotransmitters play a crucial role in human behaviour makes an interesting connection between the study of neuron-level functionality and pharmacology. It is fascinating that a small disturbance with, for example, dopamine efficacy may drive an individual into depression. Personally, this topic with neuronal network level examination is the most interesting part of the study of the human brain and behaviour. 

The videos were also really great for more visualization, although, this would be something we could do on our own time. Sadly the brain lab got cancelled – hopefully it will be held soon! 

J: As Oskari also hinted, I think it would be a great opportunity to make us of the fact that we study the topic before the lecture. Surely there are lot’s of applications and examples that the lecture could cover instead of covering the book topic in brief all over again.