The lecture gave great insight and refreshment to our knowledge of nerve signals from past courses.
The approach to action potential has seemed to change to have more periods than previously discussed on other courses.
Having many professors carrying on the conversation in an otherwise quite silent zoom meeting with their own nuances and interests from their respective fields is very effective to keep interests even higher.
The exercises were very well designed and enjoyable to complete.

The concept (or at least timing) of the quiz could be changed. In order to use the quiz as a motivation to read the chapter, the quiz could be left open until the lecture starts for example. In that way, a student may read the relevant topics and then complete the quiz for the extra points. We did not find the questions exceptionally difficult, but we already learned about the topics from the last quiz. Extending the time to complete the quiz might relieve some of the stress our fellow students expressed.

Most of the topics discussed during the lecture were already familiar to us. However, one realization for me was the effect of the inflow of ions during the excitation of a neuron. This was discussed after a student asked about how the electric charge propagates in the neuron. It was eye-opening to realize that the reason the electric current travels so fast inside the neuron (and between nodes of Ranvier) is that the inflow of positive ions, push the other ions along the neurites of the neuron.