The intro lecture was really good in the sense that we acquired a more practical and a simplified, at least semi-efficient, way to approach the brain before taking the actual links between physical and psychological dimensions into account. However, as the lecture was of an introductory nature, we were already familiar with many of the topics covered. The lecture served as an introduction to the course and a recap of the topics.

It was interesting to see how the other participants viewed the subject which broadened our view of the brain while leaving many questions and possibilities for future innovation. Especially interesting was the amount of curiosity of other students towards combining technology and the brain.

The alternative ways of presenting the neuronal activity were interesting since they kindled discussion between the experts. These properties of the mathematics of a complex network, which the brain is, were left (so far) to a non-abstract state which gave a soft landing to the whole subject.

It is important to return back to the big questions of humanity from time to time. Questions on consciousness, free will and destiny are one of the big motivators in learning more about the fundamentals of the brain. These questions are the fundamental link between many generations and fields of scientists.