Call for participation

Digitalization is driving the Service Design community towards digital services. At the same time, user experience (UX) research is moving from product- and user needs-centred design towards more holistic design for services. Despite the similarity of interests, these two communities have been surprisingly apart. This workshop focuses on the intersection of user experience design and service design, discussing the theoretical and methodological similarities and differences between the two.

Since we will discuss the different perspectives to service and experience design, we ask the potential participants to respond to a survey about the relations between service design and user experience design by May 5. The results of the survey will be presented in the beginning of the workshop and they will guide the workshop activities. If there are more participants than the room can fit, we will prioritize those who filled in the survey.

We ask potential workshop participants to register to our workshop by choosing it in the Nordes registration form. The workshop participation is included in the Nordes registration fee. We guarantee a seat for those who fill in the survey and register to Nordes and our workshop by the early bird deadline of April 15.

Workshop objectives:

  1. Explore theoretical and methodological similarities and differences in service and user experience design
  2. Share experiences of integrating service and user experience design
  3. Identify research themes for the future
  4. Connect people working in this area