A fantastic closure for the Schema-SID project: Thanks and goodbye

The 5-year project Schema-SID (Academy of Finland, #120583) has come to an end. But what a fantastic closure …

After the April 2012 graduation of Dr. Antti Jylhä with distinction, Juho Kostiainen’s MSc thesis got (another) prize from the Data Center of the City of Helsinki. The ceremony was held on Monday, December 11.

Then Schema-SID secured its (extended) continuation abroad, not in one, but in two excellent possible hosts, by means of a prestigious grant or a tenured position. The choice was hard, but now it has been made.

Finally, the long-awaited book of SID finally appeared in the catalog of the MIT Press. You will find our contribution in the book that is available March 2013 onwards:

C. Erkut, A. Jylhä, and D. Rocchesso, “Heigh Ho: Rhythmicity in sonic interaction,” in Sonic Interaction Design: Fresh Perspectives, Chapter 17, S. Serafin and K. Franinovic, Eds. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2013, pp. 341–350.

Can there be a better way to close a project by prizes, extended continuation, and a text book? Thanks and goodbye Aalto.

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Sound can be math – Short coverage from Scifest 2012

Sketches from the workshop, describing various sound production mechanisms

We had a nice workshop on sound production mechanisms and modeling with about 50 students from various ages at SciFest’12, Joensuu. The participants, in groups of four, first identified the sounds they hear and described how these sounds  are produced, by sketches. Then we switched to digital sound synthesis models, and they have explored various parts of the models with Wii motes. A short coverage of the workshop, from student perspective, can be found below.

Warm thanks to all participants and organizers. SciFest was a great experience, and I am positively surprised by the curiosity and technical capabilities of young generation.

Pulputusta, pirinää, pärinää, rätinää, suhinaa…

via Ääni voi olla matematiikkaa – Scifest 2012 – Alueet – Viihde ja kulttuuri – Karjalainen.

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Schema-SID Workshop at SciFest’12 on April 18

We will be there, will you?

Here is the description (ENG, FI) of our workshop.

How does this sound?

In our everyday life and computer games we hear many sound sources. In the workshop, the participants will listen these sounds isolated. They will identify the material (solid, liquid, gas) and the sonic and movement-based interaction (impact, friction, rolling, blowing, etc.) that creates these sounds. Finally the participants will recreate these sounds with the help of digital sound models. The workshop is organized by the Schema-SID-project (SA #120583) of the Aalto University. http://blogs.aalto.fi/schemasid

Miten tämä tuottaa ääntä?

Jokapäiväisessä elämässämme ja tietokonepeleissämme kuulemme useita äänilähteitä. Työpajassa osallistujat kuuntelevat näitä ääniä yhden kerrallaan. He kuvailevat prosessia, joka luo ne. He tunnistavat materiaalit (kiinteä, neste ja kaasu), sekä äänen ja liikkeen vuorovaikutuksen (isku, kitka, kieriminen, kaataminen, puhallus, jne). Lopuksi he toteuttavat näitä digitaalisten äänimallien avulla. Työpajan järjestää Aalto yliopiston Schema-SID-projekti (SA #120583, http://blogs.aalto.fi/schemasid)

More info: SciFest – SciFest in a Nutshell.

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