Week 1

  •  The first lecture was a good session, cause the introduction of the lecturers and assistants was great. They explained their background and what motivated them to study the brain. The time when the teachers asked us “why we were studying the brain or what motivated us to do so” was a great ice breaker. I think it helped us to see that we are a diverse group and that there are many approaches into neuroscience. Nevertheless I was a little bit confused at the part where professor Risto explained the “main questions” i didn´t see coherence in the themes according to neuroscience. Also I think that the slides were a little bit too disperse and didn´t have a smooth transition between them, i.e. when we were talking about types of neurons and then suddenly we were talking about stains methods, I know the relation between those topics but i think it wasn’t smooth enough.
  • As a biomedical engineer student i´ve seen a little bit of brain anatomy and the first notes reminded me about concepts i had forgotten. I think they were a great reminder of such themes and would recommend to keep delivering them in future courses. A suggestion maybe is to keep the images related or next to the text they are referring cause sometimes one had to skip 2 pages to see the reference and it was a little bit tedious.
  • I dont know exactly why is it important to learn about the action potentials or the ion pumps though. Is it just for common knowledge or does it apply on some further studies?

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