Week 11: The last blog & Laboratory exercise

On the eleventh week we didn’t have a lecture or a quiz anymore, only one exercise session that was little bit different. The exercise session was an EEG measurement. The contact learning sessions are now over and it’s time to start studying for the upcoming exam. 


The Exercise session: Aalto Behavioral Laboratory

This week we conducted a small EEG measurement in Aalto Behavioral Laboratory. The measurement was about the reaction times (similar experiment as in exercise 4). We performed the measurement with a group of students and assistance of an assistant teacher. It was nice to perform the experiment with the group, so we could see were the data for the exercise actually came from. We also saw how to perform a simple EEG measurement. How to prepare the electrodes, set the cap, and clean it.  Our last assignment is to write a report about the laboratory measurement.


What did we learn?

This autumn we have had several courses which have had exercises about processing data measured in an experiment. Only in one other exercise we were measuring the data we had to process and analyse, so it was refreshing to visit the lab and see that the data was actually measured and wasn’t just artificially created for us, or found from the internet.


Thoughts about the course

Overall, this course has been as interesting as we hoped it would be. During the course, there was no topic which we didn’t like.  Especially the flexibility was good on this course (doing quizzes at home if needed, no mandatory attendance but gaining points if attending). The excursions and the last exercise session (EEG measurement) were a nice bonus, which really gave some hands-on perspective on why the topics in this course are essential. Also, this course had so many learning methods (some python, building the brain, writing essays, naming parts of the brain..) which helped us to keep our interest in this course. Also compared to our other courses (which basically have only MATLAB exercises), it was nice to have something completely different for a change.

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