Week 10: Motor system

The tenth week started differently than the previous ones, because instead of a lecture we had an excursion to Aalto Neuroimaging infrastructure. On tuesday we had our last quiz, which topic was motor system. Also this week’s exercises were about motor system. 


The Excursion: Aalto Neuroimaging Infrastructure

The was to Aalto Neuroimaging Infrastructure. The research infrastructure has four functional neuroimaging modalities, navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (nTMS), functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), magnetoencephalography (MEG), and Aalto Behavioral Laboratory.


The Exercises

The topic for this week’s exercises was motor system (chapters 13-14). I was expecting some basic essay questions, but instead the questions were much more interesting than that. There weren’t any easy fast answers to any of them, but all of them needed good research as well as connecting different information on your own. Especially BCI was an interesting topic to read about, because it’s difficult to understand how it can actually work and how many different possibilities the methods behind it will open.


At home

At home we studied for the quiz and read the book. The book chapters were about spinal control of movement and brain control of movement. We learned a lot about movement control.


What did we learn?

During this week we learned more about movement control. We had already studied little bit about movement control at the beginning of the course, other courses, and our studies in high school. Obviously the book chapters gave us lots of new information and more precise explanations. The exercises made us really think through the topics we had learned and find more information.

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