Week 9:  Mental Illness 

The eighth week started with a quiz and a lecture. The topic for this week’s quiz was The Resting Brain, Attention, and Consciousness (chapter 21), but on the lecture we went through the chapter 22 (Mental Illness). This week there is no exercise session or an excursion. Also we had our last lecture this week.


On the lecture

The topic of the lecture was Mental Illness (chapter 22), instead of Attention (chapter 21) which was told in the timetable. Mental Illnesses are though a very interesting topic to learn about because of their complexity, so the change of the topic didn’t do any harm. What amazed me, was how much money goes to treating mental illnesses in Finland (over half of the total costs for treating brain diseases goes to treating mental illnesses). I already knew that out of mental illnesses, depression is particularly common, but still I didn’t know that it’s the leading cause of disability worldwide, and that suicide is second leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds. It was nice to have the youtube videos linked to lecture. The give a personal touch  to the topic, without making the too personal.


At home

At home we studied the chapter 21 about attention and consciousness. The chapter was very interesting because the topics are quite relatable for us. We can observe how our attention is moving to one place to another or how we recognise things.


What did we learn?

Both the topic of the quiz and the topic of the lecture were interesting. Both of these are topics that interests many people and are studied and written about a lot. Because there is lots of information available, it might sometimes be difficult to find the information you are looking for. At least for me, the biological and physiological perspective for the topics was relatively unfamiliar so it was nice that we accidentally had possibility to study about both of the topics.

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