Week 6: Chemical Control of the Brain and Behaviour

The sixth week started with a lecture and a quiz about Chemical Control of the Brain and Behaviour. There were no new exercises but the deadline for exercises for week 2 was during this week. During next week there is no teaching, but after that we will have the first excursion. 

On the lecture 

On the lecture videos were used for teaching again. This was good, since even if the recording for the lecture was not successful, these videos can be viewed when studying for the exam or reviewing the topics of the lecture. During the lecture we had lots of interesting discussion about memory, memories and studies about them. It is always nice to hear about the studies. 

The exercises

There was no exercises for this week. This gave time for solving the exercises from previous weeks. There is quite long time until next exercise session, because after exam week during next three weeks there will be excursions instead of exercises.

At home

The main topics of the book were already discussed in previous blog post, and because of the upcoming examination week, we won’t study too much for the next quiz yet. 

Lecture slides were again available already before the lecture, which made preparing for the lecture easier. Next quiz and the lecture will be about auditory system. 

What did we learn?

The lecture was a good recap about the subjects we had already studied for the quiz. The videos shown in the lecture (links that were in the slides) really showed the importance of this week’s topic in reality. For example by watching the video of Parkinson’s disease, I learnt the symptoms of that disease and then the actual reasons behind it in the brain. Video also explained well what could be done to treat the disease. This kind of visualisations really give a big help in the learning process.


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