Week 3: From one neuron to another.

Third week started with a quiz about action potential and synaptic transmission, and after that also the lecture went through the main points about synaptic transmission and action potential. The exercise session was dedicated into learning the brain structure in a DIY style.

On the lecture

The  lecture continued where the last one ended. We started with, how the message travels through the neuron, and continued with how the signal will be  transferred to next neuron, synaptic transmission. The topic was already familiar to us from our previous studies, so the basics of it were easy to grasp, but the lecture had also new and more precise information.

The exercises

On this week’s exercise session we had a lecture about the brain structure, and at the same time we got to build a 3D brain model by ourselves. This was such an interesting,  refreshing and efficient way of learning, because building something yourself really helps in memorizing the locations of the different parts of the brain. And above all, it was fun! 

At home

The book was about same topics as the lecture. Now we have learned how a signal can travel through our body from one neuron to another, and within a neuron. The book gives us all the basics explained clearly. It also has lots of descriptive examples and fun facts that makes learning and remembering easier.

What did we learn?

This week we learnt the main parts of the brain and also some more detailed structures. It’s so interesting to learn which part of the brain is responsible for which task and how it all comes together as one complex, diverse organ which is able to control everything that happens in a human body.

During couple of last weeks we have been able to learn and revise how the nervous system functions on a cellular level, and how the signals travel within a neuron and from a neuron to another one. Even if this process was already relatively familiar for us, it was good to also revise the basics before new and less familiar topics. Naturally there was also lots of new information and fun facts that deepen our knowledge about the topic.

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