Final Update

After finishing my PhD in 2015, I have worked as a postdoc in Lund University for two years, came back to Finland briefly working as a postdoc in Aalto University in 2018-2019 and got my first permanent academic position, a lecturer position in Chalmers University of Technology, that started in September 2019.

My time in Chalmers has been a great experience of learning new research methods and coping with much greater teaching hours than previously. I managed to fit in few research papers and did a vocational teacher’s degree in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, and got my credentials to work as a professional teacher. The vocational teacher’s education program was a hybrid online-classroom learning experience, that became invaluable after the events in the Spring 2020. The Covid-19 situation that started in May 2020 brought new challenges in teaching and research, as practically everything had to be done from home. The online teaching methods learned in the vocational teacher’s education have turned out to be the most valuable skill in that regard.

The new year 2021 brings new opportunities, since I have been appointed as an assistant professor in newly established faculty of engineering in the University of Turku, starting in March.

My academic path so far, has been incredible learning experience. The path has had it’s challenges and successes, a sine curve of emotions ranging from self doubt to self empowerment. Now looking back, the career choice has been fulfilling, but I have also been incredibly lucky, as on average, only 3.5% of PhD holders will hold a permanent academic position and further, only 0.5% are appointed as professors.

As there is something new in the horizon, there is something that I leave behind. That something is my affiliation to Aalto University (or Helsinki University of Technology), where I have been continuously since 2004, first as a student, then assistant, PhD-student, postdoc and during the last year and a half, a visiting researcher.

I thank you all, who have been part of my academic career in Aalto, and wish you great future!

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