Making the Decision to Implement Reforms and Focusing on the Business Part

Today, we presented our project’s current status to our peers. Since our last blogpost we have put a lot of thought to the definition of our prototype and arrived to a conclusion. Since Raphael showed up unexpectedly 10 minutes before our presentation, we had to deliver it in English with Finnish slides. While this change was sudden, we were able to cope with it. Some quality was lost on our presentation but our stage presence was not too incredible either. Below is a low-quality video of the presentation.

Our focus has been heavily on technical side of the project. Based on the feedback we got from our instructor and from the peer group, we need to focus way more on the business side of the project. We do have a business model canvas but it is at present a bit abstract and visionary, which is why we are going to put a lot of effort into developing our business model even further in the coming days.

We also decided to update our blog design and layout. We thought it could be more descriptive to insert some background pictures and additional information. Finally we changed our project name into Pegasosdrone!

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