Creating a Business Model Canvas that Exhibits our PaaS Strategy and Customer Relations

On Wednesday we met with our Raphael. (Note that we call him Raphael. This is because he explicitly asked us to call him Raphael instead of Mr. Giesecke.) We got some truly great feedback on our previous proto and had an enlightening discussion of the possible power supply’s for the drone. Together we decided to use an electric motor as a power source. This is because an internal combustion engine would weigh more at the end of the day with all components included.

We have researched both battery-motors and cargo options from which we got most feedback from Raphael. On motors our first candidate has become EMRAX; due to its low weight, good power efficiency and it has been tested & used quite a lot in aviation. For cargo size and weight we have taken an extensive look to current package and cargo transportations companies such as Posti, UPS and Matkahuolto to name a few.

Our main task on Friday was to create a business model canvas. Firstly we will subcontract the parts for the drone and build it from those parts. We will create a software for using the drone ourselves and dealing with maintenance. Our customers can rent the drone from us, and either let us fly it or fly it themselves. We will provide training to our customers in which we teach potential pilots if they wish to fly themselves.

Business Model Canvas 

Business Model Explained