This Week: Simulations and Prototyping

This week we focused a lot on our third presentation. Since this week’s presentation was scheduled to be more than two times as long as our previous presentations, we really put a lot of effort in developing it. We met on Wednesday and planned our presentation structure in detail. We also developed our current VTOL drone model even further; at this point our drone is supposed to carry the payload inside the hull. This has a number of benefits, including, but not limited to, a more stable vertical take-off, because the center of gravity stays parallel to the plane. If the payload would be outside the plane, it could easily create momentum and drag which might make difficult to perform the vertical take off.

We are planning to do some simulations using an open source software called xlrf5. The software allows us to plan and test different kinds of wing shapes and plane designs and run detailed simulations on them. This software might help us to finally obtain some real numbers and make our project more “concrete”. It also provides an excellent framework for us to apply our theories and see how well they are work in practical settings.