Exploring Potential Clients and Scrutinizing the Market by Implementing Knowledge-Intensive Principles

This week has probably been our most productive week so far. We managed to come up with two VTOL-drone designs for both of our use cases. We also ruled out some impossible concepts. Now that we have narrowed down our focus we have been able to further develop and visualize our concepts. Ossi created these two amazing 3D models. With them it is a lot easier to explain our topic and what we have been doing.

We met on Thursday and planned our Friday presentation. It went well even though only three of us were present. Once again we got some valuable feedback on what we should do next. Since there are quite a lot of VTOL drones in the market already, we have to choose our potential clients carefully. We have read numerous scientific publications and books about our topic but our practical scope is fairly limited. To fix this we are going to contact companies around Finland who might be interested in our product. For example, we want to find out what kind of special requirements there are for medicine delivery.