Work Plan and Literature

We met our instructor Raphael Giesecke on Wednesday. He made a short briefing about flight mechanics and introduced us to the problems which we might face when designing VTOL drones. The meeting was extremely useful as he helped us to define the problem more carefully and focus only on two different use cases. Now we have a much clearer picture about what we need to do during this spring.

Today we met as a group again. We created a work plan for the project. In the plan we elaborate what we are researching and what other things we take into account. We all had a busy exam week behind us so we had prioritized other things (except for the meeting with Mr. Giesecke of course). Now that the exam week is over we are going to bring back our focus to this project and work on our presentation on next Friday.

Next week we are going to prepare for the presentation. We are going to meet again as a group on Tuesday. Let’s see how it goes!WIN_20170217_13_22_42_Pro