Friday Brainstorming and World-Class Leadership

The morning classes on Friday were spent mostly on listening the lecture and brainstorming the possibilities of application of the VTOL-drone. Also we shared our newly found knowledge of competitors and existing models of drones that are somewhat similar to our VTOL.

During the afternoon we started to look at different use cases more carefully. We chose three different use cases in which VTOL might be useful. We considered surveillance, transportation and mobile link stations. We quickly realized that each use case requires different kind of approach considering the drone design. For instance surveillance drone has to be able to fly really long periods possibly as fast as possible and transportation drone requires more stable vertical take-off and landing capabilities than surveillance and mobile link station drones.

We were all also finally able to meet each other in a single meeting and were able to choose a team leader. Leo Drosdek was elected with unanimous support. He is widely recognized as an incredibly talented and highly acclaimed manager. With his unmatched skills our team is guaranteed to succeed.


Currently we have two options for the drone design. The first option is a flying wing concept with a single engine. The other design is a more traditional one; separate engines for VTOL and traditional flying.

We will not have class next Friday because of exams. However, we intend to meet with Mr. Giesecke and give him a presentation of our main proposals. This time we let our imagination flow and we focused less on whether our ideas were feasible and/or legal. This way we didn’t constrain our thinking too much. Hopefully he will like them!