First Meeting Results


Yesterday we met for the first time and briefly introduced ourselves. Today we discussed the topic and asked ourselves what to research and focus on. We also gave our first presentation. The topic initially seemed quite challenging given the current market, necessary large-scale investments and legal issues. However, our teacher and fellow students advised us to use our imagination and to avoid immediately rejecting proposals that don’t really seem to make sense. In addition, we shouldn’t worry too much about what can be done and what not. After all, we are not going to build a VTOL aircraft.


Next week we are going to meet our instructor Prof. Raphael Giesecke. One of the course assistants gave us some useful tips. He told us that we should follow our instructor on Twitter and be in touch with Finnish drone companies. Trafi is also a good resource if we want to know about regulations concerning drones. We are feeling quite optimistic at the moment and we are looking forward to work with Mr. Giesecke!