Week 48 – Wrapping Up

This week we have:

  • Analyzed our MR 4
  • Finalized the application
  • Finalized the report for the solution
  • Planned the week 49

Friday 1.12

Since last week, we had been running our Facebook questionnaire to get more comprehensive understanding of the market that we could be entering. Our final result was that around 6500 people saw our ad for the questionnaire – but we got zero truly original answers. Luckily this was a small scale test and it was a great lesson for the future – proper planning in internet ‘marketing’ is quite crucial. This will mean that we will continue with our previous results and base our business calculations on those.

Our exit for this year, will consist of a final report – bringing together all the information that we have gathered during the 3 month period. This we started optimistically on Friday morning, needles to say some people worked late into evening.

Saturday 2.12

We started to understand that distilling the amount of knowledge that we had amassed, would require caffeine, sugar and pizza. Our team-leader took us under his roof for the day, to secure the success of the Final Report. The plan seemed fairly successful: One cannot complain too much about writing when you have (G &) tea being served to you. However, even the greatest plans might have unseen flaws. We turned out not to be ready after the day ( Probably because we needed the other hand to drink the tea ).

To salvage the situation, Janne and Lauri made comprehensive tear-down of what still needed to be done before turning in the report. The idea was that, the better we can make the explanations for sub-parts of the report – the better we can share the work tomorrow. This is where we ended the writing for the day, and moved on to respect the Saturday evening.

Sunday 3.12

The calls to arms started around 9 am.

The report had achieved about 25 pages and demonstration of the prototype by this point. It would still grow to page count 38 and attachments. And this wasn’t hastily written – we peer-reviewed everything. I don’t have much of a recollection of the day, but even though some of the team headed to a cruise, and apparently continued from on-board, we actually finished the report by evening.

Writing this report made us realize that, even though the new directive is fairly simple as an idea – the European Union is able to make legislation fairly tedious to understand. We had to return to our material even during the writing, just to make sure that everything was correctly presented. This is definitely something that one might wanna keep in mind, if he plans to work with similar emerging possibilities.

Wrapping up

Our plan for the week consisted about honing our calculations based on the Facebook questionnaire and writing out the Final Report. The Facebook questionnaire turned out to be not as well planned as it could have been – and as a result we didn’t get anything useful out of it. Consequently we were able to allocate more time for the report. The team-work weekend was a real success and was great fun to be part of it. Reflecting on the weekend now, makes me think if we could have prepared or distributer the workload better during the week.

We have now turned our full focus for the upcoming Grand Finale and finalizing the poster for the event.

As a tribute for 100 year old Finland and our famous sports icons, this is not over yet. One more yea… week!