Week 41 – From Concepting towards Production

In summary, we:

  • Created value propositions
  • Began the work with the prototype
  • Cleared our vision with Lean Canvases

UX, Monday 9.10



The lecture was held in the Makerspace in The Harald Herlin Learning Centre. The lecture was of usability and testing it. After the lecture we had a possibility of having a conversation with professor Giesecke, and to explain her how our group has been working, and how the Open Topic is, from our point of view, an amazing opportunity. We wish strongly that this option is available also the following years.

We also worked enthusiastically  with the project plan and so iterated our ideas and created a better understanding of the whole project.

The Prototype, Friday 13.10

On Friday we attended the lecture, where we gained some new ideas about prototyping a product or concept. More specifically, we understood the importance to keep prototypes simple and quick to implement so that the intended insights can be collected with reasonable efforts. This ensures that the iterative product development process remains truly agile.


After the lecture we started to plan and implement our prototype. We decided to use a prototype platform named proto.io, because our team members had good experiences from that in some of their previous projects. It also suits our needs quite perfectly, since it allows us to build a prototype that clearly demonstrates both the functional and visual aspects of our product to our potential customers. The most important thing however, is that using the platform is quick and intuitive, which gives us a lot of agility in building and refining our prototypes.


The Lean Canvases

During the week 40 (previous week) we created Lean Canvases according to the instructions from Risto Sarvas.

Lean Canvas


The value propositions

To keep the goals goal clear in our minds, our team sat down and extracted the fundamental ideas behind our idea. And we would like to share here with you.

First of all:

What is the solution that we are looking for?

Make loan-market an easy option for even small investments and bring down the interest on small loans.

How is the user affected by the problem?

Entering the financial market without large capital is not seen as an option – and on the other hand getting a small loan currently is quite easy, but really expensive.

Promise of value?

We promise to connect the loanees and the loaners to create a market for healthy interest.

Using these ideas to reflect on our work, we hope to produce the best possible product before the Grand Finale.


The Prototype

On Friday we started building our first prototype. The weapon of choice for this section was selected to be Proto.io – a platform that allows for prototyping for screen interfaces. We settled on iPhone 6 styled UI.

With all the ideas from previous weeks in mind, we started prototyping. We ended up quickly discarding quite few of those ideas, since many of them didn’t make sense when included into the app.

Here’s a small sneak peek for the prototype

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