Sum up of the first session references

Map of news spreading in Twitter:


Diseases spread


Concretize to understand quantity


Cascade, NYT twitter analytic


Dynamic Viz 1_ Gunshot in USA


Dynamic Viz 2_ Drone Strikes



Solar System soundification:



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Concept 2: Spread of one topic

How to visualize the spread of one topic across the world and its reaction?

When a topic is trendy, often people start to be more interested in it than before. This phenomenon is dependent on the importance of the topic, its nature and the consequences that it can produce.

We would like to investigate how big news may affect the interest in a topic around the world. The user would see the relation between the general interest in the topic (Google Trends) and the discussion around the topic (Twitter). As well, there will be the possibility to see how people reacted to a topic (positively or negatively), what were the words associated to the event and finally how other countries reacted to it.
An example would be the “Brexit”: how people started to get interested in EU only after Brexit had happened. The most popular search term in Google after Brexit was “What is the EU”.


  • Possibility to choose the time line
  • Knowing the reactions about one topic
  • Compare different topics
  • Simple and intuitive


  • Only some topics
  • Sentimental analysis difficult to do

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Concept 1: Real-time news

How to visualize real-time news in a digital platform depending on their origin?

Nowadays, we can search for information in several newspapers and websites. But these News are not always similar they are dependent on their country/writter point of view.

We want to let people visualize the biggest Headlines at the same time depending on their time-zone. The user could open each article after selection and they would be redirected to the news source. That will allow people to see the differences between headlines depending on the time zone and as well have a large spectre of how much information we are receiving every day.


  • Real-time
  • Making people aware of the different news around the world
  • Openmind
  • Simple and intuitive


  • Complexity of the code
  • Amount of data
  • Sources
  • Selection of a city
  • Relation with time zones
  • Amount of text to read


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