No brain no gain (NBE-E4210, Final week)

This week, we had our last lecture of the course. We were introduced to the motor systems. The lecture started by reminding us of the first lecture about the tasks of the brain, which were the sensory data receiving and interpretation, memory, data processing, producing knowledge and controlling body and its movements.

The first topic of the lecture was spinal control of movements. Each fiber is innervated with just one axon. The interesting reminder was that the muscles can only pull, but not push. The muscles are classified on each movements on what they do. The different types of muscles were a new concept for us that are agonist, antagonist, and synergist, more specifically, fixator. Agonist is able to stop the wanted movement. Antagonist muscle is able to control the speed of the movement. Fixator stabilizes the origin of the antagonist. Motor unit was familiar topic for us from the physiology course, which is the smallest unit of a muscle.

The second main topic of the lecture was brain control of movement. The brain control starts with the feed-forward controller with memory sending reference signal from the brain. The error signal moves to the controller and then to the actuator, for example muscle. This causes a reaction, which sensors, for example eyes will detect. This results in visual input processing, where filtering and amplification takes place. The information is then send to the brain.

All in all, we learned a lot new information in this course and we are use that this information will benefit us in the future. We could also deepen our understanding on our previously learned stuff too.