Of the actual structure of the brain and getting to know it

This week marks the end of first period this academic year.

We didn’t have a lecture this week, but we did have an exercise about the different parts of the human brain and also different ways to mark different parts of the human brain.

The exercise also had an “arts and crafts” section of building your own model brain, which I gladly enjoyed – it is a very nice break from the routine and a nice way to end the period. I also think it’s a great way of learning, as you actually have to do something yourself 🙂

I have enjoyed this exercise overall, as I find it easily understandable. Since I am already a doctoral student, I have sadly forgotten the art of learning in some aspects and the huge amount of new chemical and biological information has been a little overwhelming. Now this exercise has been great to rebuild some confidence.

Overall, this course (at least so far) has been more than I expected in many ways. I am learning a lot (more than I thought I would) and there are also expectations for me (more than I thought there would be).

I greatly appreciate the learning opportunity. I feel I am becoming much more aware of the context I work and live in.