Second week of studying neuroscience

Main topics of this week were resting membrane potential and propagation action potentials. A lot of the information covered during the lecture was already familiar to me, such as protein structures and peptide bonds.

The book explains many things very thoroughly which is good if background knowledge is lacking. However having a solid background from physics it feels unnecessary at points. Though I am happy that the biology is detailed as I lack background in it. The most difficult element is memorizing all of the new terms, such as the names of various neuronal components.

For me it was new information that not all neurons are pyramidal as most sketches represent them and sensory neurons look very different.

I learned that nodes of Ranvier are evenly spaced in axons. Why is this, is the spacing of them optimal for axon potentials?

I was wondering how important are the glial cells overall. Are they affected by neurological conditions or are they the cause of some?

I have some questions not directly related to this week, but rather the course overall. What are the best study methods for learning neuroscience? How to best retain information from the book? How much detail should we remember from the book? For example different cell organelles are explained very thoroughly.