Week 1

I started the course Structure and Operation of the Human Brain, which is a part of my master’s studies at Aalto University. This blog or learning diary is an assignment given by the lecturer and also a tool to help me learn, to digest and reflect upon what has been taught in the lectures and various different learning environments.

My start to the course could have been better as I missed the first lecture, but luckily the topic of the course is not totally new to me as the human brain has been a subject of my previous studies, for example my bachelor’s thesis was about sham-controlled transcranial direct current stimulation on the primary motor cortex of the human brain.

After studying the slides of the first lecture, they gave a good review of the basic building blocks of the brain, the brain cells, neurons. Neurons have the same characteristics as other cells in our body, such as the nucleus, mitochondrion, Golgi apparatus, etc. but also attributes that set them apart and make them so unique and effective at what they do, most notably the axons and dendrites. The slides also gave a glimpse how the neurons communicate together and transfer data from one another as well as describing the synapse and how an action potential is generated.

All in all, I’m very excited to partake in this course and feel that I’ve finally reached a point in my studies that I find very interesting and highly motivating.


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