Week 12

This week we visited Aalto Behavioural Lab (ABL) to collect EEG data for exercise 6 report. We had a volunteer wear the EEG cap and we learned how to inject gel into the holes of the EEG cap. We took turns injecting enough gel to each hole til it glows green. First, we rotate the syringe in an opening to get rid of the air then inject some gel. Then we check whether the light on the opening shines green to indicate the gel applied is enough. This is repeated for every opening.

Once the cap is properly prepared on the subject, we close the doors and move into the observation room. One of us was responsible for starting the experiment. The experiment used the same python script from exercise 4, but this time we get more fine grained results with the use of the EEG cap.

Another of us was responsible for starting and stopping the EEG data collection. In addition to that, anomalies and disturbances needed to be recorded. The data seemed quite clean so nothing was really recorded. The experiment took about 10-15 minutes. It was interesting to see how eye blinks look in the EEG data and how it affects the data for other areas. It was also interesting to see the EEG data for closed eyes. This helped me to be able to recognise these patterns when they appeared in the data.

After the end of the experiment, we learned how to clean the EEG cap and then we were dismissed. We will get the data from Monday and Tuesday soon and then be able to construct our report for exercise 6.

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