Week 11

This week we had our third excursion and we visited the Aalto NeuroImaging Infrastructure (ANI) in Otaniemi. Our group was divided into three smaller groups in which we were demostrated different topics. Some of the demonstrations and presentations were of old topics. For example we had a brief recap on transcranial magnetic stimulation in 10 minutes. We had previously gotten a quite extensive presentation on this topic at Nexstim but a little recap never killed anyone and it was nice to know that TMS is possible here in Otaniemi also. The second pitstop dealt with MRI.

For us the most interestin gvisit was to the Aalto Behavioural Laboratory. There we were presented modern eye-tracking methods and we even got to try them. It’s quite extraordinary that we can actually track someones focus of eye-sight. This also felt weird as we got to try it. Suddenly you’re very aware of where you are looking. Furthermore, we got a little demonstartion on lie detection. One of the group was instructed to write a number on a paper between 1-5 and then to lie of the written number when asked. The audience got to see the eletrcis responses of the liars body as she tried to get away with a lie. She wasn’t successful.

As a whole this week was pretty quiet in terms od this course, which is a blessing really. It seems like every other deadline on other courses strikes in the end of November.

– Pekko & Maria


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