Week 4

This week we had to read quite a lot of pages in preparation for the quiz (from chapter 8 to 10). It was pretty time consuming but gained a lot of knowledge about the role of neurones in detection of taste and light. Again, the ten word or less principle seemed quite awful in our opinion and hope that points will not be deducted for exceeding the limit.

Since the quizzes are held on Monday mornings, the preparation work is usually done on Sundays which is a nuisance. However, the quiz preparation have found to be quite useful in learning and keeping track of the course topics.

There is a lot of excitement for the excursions this week. Hoping it is as interesting as expected. Since the deadlines for the new exercises are quite far in the future and there is a lot of pending work from other courses with upcoming deadlines, decision has been made to not attempt the new exercises yet.

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