Week 1 – Course introduction and chapters 2-3

The first week begun with an introduction lecture and we also learned about the basic properties of neurons. In the beginning the lecturers shared their thoughts on the importance of brain research and we got an overall summary of the required actions on the course. The latter part of the lecture dealt mostly with basic functions of neurons.

Every week the lecture starts with a short quiz in the beginning and students are expected to prepare for these quizzes by reading given chapters from the course book. The first quiz is about chapters two and three: Neurons and Glia along with The Neuronal Membrane at Rest. These topics were already quite familiar for both of us since we’ve explored the basic functions of neurons and membrane potentials on previous courses as well as in high school. Of course we quickly realized that the text book had more specific descriptions on the topics. We found the classification of neurons and naming of different parts of the axon interesting as well as the introduction of stellate, pyramidal, spiny and aspinious cells. Furthermore, classifying of glia cells widened our knowledge. Previously we mainly only knew the names of different glia cells and whether they operated in the central or peripheral nervous system.

We’re looking forward to getting more information on the neurotransmitters and their influence on developing disorders and diseases. Also the chemical control of the brain and its impact on behavior is something that sounds intriguing.

–  Pekko and Maria


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