Week 7: Human Auditory System

This week’s topic was the Auditory System. As usual, the week started with a lecture followed by a quiz.


I had some technical issues regarding my account so I did my quiz through email. The quiz was not so hard as I thought it would have been. Still, the quiz did not go so well as I thought it would have.

The topic was quite interesting. In my previous studies and what I have self-study also, I have gotten quite familiar with the structure of the auditory system. The basic information got me still because I never thought that what actually how the wave travels in our ears and how it is modified in order us to observe it. Would that mean that there would a possibility to detect any sound that is observable and we could then select certain ones only? How I have understood, we are able to observe only a certain Herzs and for that range, we select certain noises.

Another thing that wonders me is the hallucination of hearing. When people think they heard something but actually are not, what actually happens in the brain? I would guess that there is some miss firing in the hearing pathway that causes it but how exactly.

Next week, our topic will be the wiring of the brain.

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