Week 6

This week our topic was auditory and balance system in our ear. We learned how our brain translates soundwaves from our environment to languages that it is able to understand and react. As usual, we had a quiz, that went quite well for my experience.

Our auditory system consists of 3 parts: the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear. I did not know that our ear has a safety mechanism for loud sound, muscles that prevent loud sound to travel into inner ear. Is that the reason, why there is something this ”tinnitys”? Our safety mechanism was not able to prevent that sound from entering into our inner ear.

It was also really interesting to know how our balance system works. I’m interested to know, what is the reason for this kind of location? Would it be better that the balance system is somewhere, closer to our brain? Is there an evolutionary advantage that our balance system is near to our ears?

We had also our first excursion, which I was not able to attend. I think Mikael would be able to tell more about the excursion. Next week. I will try to come there. It has been a quite busy week.


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