Week 3

This week we had a quiz regarding chapter 4 and 5. The topic of chapter 4 was action potential and the topic of chapter 5 was the synaptic transmission. The quiz was 5 min long which was ok but the maximum length only 10 words which were quite hard for me.

There were a lot of old information but also new. It has been taught already in high school, how action potential forms and how synaptic transmission happens. But there was also some new information, for example, it was new to me that they recycle synaptic vesicle, that there are different receptors and that they can be found in both sides (postsynaptic neuron and presynaptic neuron).  Even synaptic transmission, there are multiple ways to control synaptic transmission. An interesting example was that after drinking alcohol, the body is trying to excite the over inhibition of neurons. This causes hangovers.

On Tuesday, we construct our own brain. We first had a small presentation of the brain anatomy, then we started to construct the brain using the playdoh. It was fun, I haven’t use playdoh in school since elementary school. It also helped us to understand where each part of the brain is. Also once the instructor told us it’s functionality, it was easy to connect these two things together.


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