Week 1. Introduction

The first week began with an introduction lecture. First, in this lecture, we learn basic info of the courses. We learned that our courses have two different methods of completing it. First one is to just do the exam. This way was said to be quite hard but not impossible. The second one consists of two things; doing the exam and then some addition task(quizzes, visitings, this blog). It is some much better way than just reading and doing the exam.

After the basic info, we went to the topic: Introduction of the brain. We both already knew some information but for me, the new thing was the dying methods and important invention was it. Also naming different parts of the brain was quite new to me. I was surprised how these names are used in the medical field and much information it can give.

Our homework is to read chapter 2 and 3: Neurons and Glia along with The Neuronal Membrane at Rest. These topics are quite familiar from bachelor courses but I’m expecting that we get a much deeper understanding than on bachelor level.

During this course, I’m personally interested to know more about the neurotransmitters and their influence on developing disorders and diseases as well as the chemical control of the brain and its impact on behavior.

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