WEEK 9 – Sooma Medical Excursion

I felt that the excursion to Sooma Medical was really interesting. The person presenting the slides made the effort to make the content simple and understandable to everyone. I understood a lot more and was more attentive to this lecture than the previous excursion, which was a little too long and was overloaded with facts and information in my opinion.

Getting to see the actual caps and gels used as a part of the device was also nice. And the practical information given about the cost and the procedure for training the nurses was useful and interesting.

Transcranial direct current stimulation is a form of neurostimulation that uses constant, low direct current delivered via electrodes on the head. This current changes the resting potential of the cell, making it either hyperactive or hypoactive. The device used by Sooma Medicals uses two electrodes attached to the right and left side of the brain to treat depression and they have good results to support this claim.

Switching the position of right and left electrodes to treat depression and substance abuse problems and the side effects of switching the sides is something that I would want to explore.

P.S. Need better directions to the place. The building is not properly named and does not have the name of the company in the entrance 🙂