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The lectures work well to get the basic idea of the subject matter and the ability to ask question at any time (even between lectures) is really good idea, especially when subjects get more complex. However, personally I learn better by reading the book and the making my own notes about everything. Although this might chance once subjects get to the more complex parts of the course. Some parts in the beginning of the course were quite familiar from cell biology courses and similar ones. However, with nerve cells being the main focus of neurosciences some interesting details were already discussed. it was interesting to take a look in bit more detail of the function of neurons, so it was still relevant even if the subject matter was previously familiar to me. Also studying the anatomy of the brain is something that is new for me, which areas are responsible of various functions so that should be interesting to take a look at.

Because of my background in biology and chemistry, I feel like I have a good foundation on the cellular side of the subject and I should focus on revising the physics aspect related to e.g. action potential and similar. I could see myself being slighty rusty with the assignments with the Nernst equation exercise taking more time it should have after having a break from doing similar tasks over the summer.

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