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This was a week of excursions. Most of all it woke my interest towards the study of sleeping. After seeing the sleep lab at the Finnish institute of occupational health, I started to think how it would be like to have your sleeping pattern studied. The tiny room itself didn’t feel like a nice place to sleep without any contact to outer world due to sound proofing and lack of windows.

They mentioned a study in which they had played white noise in the room during a certain sleep phase and had noticed that the sleep had deepened. Incorporating outside world sounds to sleep is interesting. I have some times overslept because I haven’t recognized my alarm clock in my sleep. My clock plays radio classic to me as an alarm and sometimes hilarity ensues. I have for example dreamt of ending up in a baroque ball instead of waking up to the alarm clock.

Some activity trackers claim that they can monitor your sleep. I wonder how they do it. Of course they can monitor movement during sleep and heart rate to some extent, but how reliable it actually is then? I’ve considered buying and activity tracker as a curiosity. It could motivate to actually pay attention to own health and activity.

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