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It was interesting to read more about the neurotransmitters and their functions in more detail. Previously I’ve been introduced to them only on a basic level. There’s quite many of them to remember and with everything affecting everything so to speak, structuring all of it will take some work.

MEGIN excursion brought a nice change to normal exercises routine, however it would have been even better to actually see a MEG instrument in addition to the lecture. Even though I already had an idea of the technicality of brain imaging it was still little surprising how theoretical application it really is. Also, some of the solutions people have invented to work around certain problems like noise cancellation in signal are quite ingenious. Still it feels like a huge part is highly focused on handling the signal data in way to get more out of it instead of tuning various bits and bobs around.

This made me think how much actually needs to be corrected in the signal for example if the person has a dental implant because the metals used in those are usually titanium alloys or other such non-ferromagnetic metals.

Also, what can be done for imaging techniques in the future with the likelihood of increasing amounts of various implants in humans due to medical reasons; pacemakers, pain relieving stimulators or even some procreational ones.

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