Week 6 – structure and development of the brain

At the 6th week there was no lecture but eventually the workshop regarding the structure of the brain was arranged. I had red by myself the chapter 7 and the appendix but at the workshop it felt like I haven’t red anything at all. The whole chapter was so loaded with information that it didn’t get stored in the long term memory. After the workshop it was left unclear at how precise would the student need to memorise the different parts of the brain. A separate lecture for this chapter would have helped the learning since after reading the chapter there would have been a short 2hour lecture recap about the structures. Lecture would help the student to realize what are the most important parts and topics of the chapter 7 in the scope of this course.

Interesting new information which was never covered before was the meninges of the brain. Especially the CSF filled subarachnoid space along arachnoid membrane. The true scale of this structure wrt. the brain was left unclear but it was large compared to the other layers of the protective layer between the skull and the cerebral cortex.

Doing the clay workshop was although fun and especially the fact that it was finally a first contact class for a long time was motivating. It also somehow helped to visualize the brain in 3D, however it might be useful to use the 3D visualization links provided in mycourses to actually see the smaller parts that were hard to make from clay.

This week also arises a question about whether the exam is open book or not? Hopefully we will find answer to this question as well to many others related to the function of brain.