Grand Finale day!

Today the course held its Grand Finale at our campus, in Otaniemi. The day was filled with pitches and curious people asking about the projects. Each team had their own stand where they could promote and present their projects to other students and faculty staff. Below you can see a picture of our stand.


And obviously you want to take a closer look at our beautiful poster

Our prototypes

The surprise that we were holding up to the Grand Finale was that instead of having only the one familiar prototype, the smart glove, we introduced 3 prototypes in total.

The iFlute


The iFlute is a cylinder shaped object with three CNB film buttons that trigger sounds from the built in speaker.

The Nanoflügel


The Nanoflügel follows the instrument-theme and functions as a piano, with flexible and transparent film as the piano’s keys.

The Smart glove


Our visitors had the opportunity to test the smart glove in action by playing solitaire at our stand. The smart glove was a success in that regard, as it attracted plenty of attention and drew people to come find out more about our project. Unfortunately our new custom films did not arrive in time to install them for Grand Final, so the smart glove only had one functional button that functioned as mouse click. However, the demo was intriguing and successful regardless of the shortcomings.

Now the project has more or less run its course, but there’s still at least one blog post including our final report coming next week.

A big thank you to our readers,

Team Nanonuppu.

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