Preparing for Grand Finale

In 7 days we will have the course’s Grand Finale, which means that our project is nearing its end. However, we are far from done as there’s still much to do to ensure that everything will go as planned. We are not going to share all details and surprises in advance, but we’d rather encourage all of our readers to join us at our stand on 12.5.2017 in the SCI Project Course’s Grand Finale.

Refining the prototype


One of the many steps of polishing our smart glove is making it aesthetically pleasing. As you can see from the picture above, the wiring has been streamlined radically and the components are packed more tidily in general. This was done by soldering shorter wires from components directly to the new Arduino Nano with detachable pins. It’s important both to us, and to course’s objective, to make the prototype as appealing and interesting as possible. That’s why I would, once again, encourage all of you to join us next week to see what we have come up with! Not everything is revealed in advance..


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