From minor issues to an improved solution

This time we linked our smartglove prototype to Canatu’s CNB film, approaching a more concrete solution towards the potential end product. Moreover, the idea was not to demonstrate a simple functionality with one button but also to showcase three sensors that act as three separate buttons.

There were a few problems associated with testing, however. The film did not recognize touch, which resulted in troubleshooting and contacting Canatu. Finally, after we were confident that the device itself should work as intended, we found out that the film did not work properly. In fact, the upper layers of the CNB film had somewhat worn off, which could be seen when comparing the subtle differences in transparency between our films in use.

After replacing the film with a new one, we succeeded in receving data from the software that indicates the capacitanse values in frequent interrvals. The video showcases this attempt. The LEDs represent individual buttons in the film and blink after the algorithm interprets the capacitive change as a touch. However, we must take into account that the skin below the glove is not in contact with the film. Thus, some plastic coat between the hand and the glove could be attached to ensure that only relevant touch is sensed.

Now we have requested new, refined films from Canatu that have the necessary protective layers to avoid further issues. For the next two weeks, we will be preparing for the Grande Finale, which includes polishing the prototype and preparing additional materials for our stand. Today we had a rehearsal of our 3-minute pitch and we will be looking forward to its feedback to make our Grande Finale pitch as great as possible.

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