Making progress


Our last week’s presentation went really well and it seems that our progress seems to satisfy both the course staff as well as ourselves. We are making progress in visualizing our business model and we have taken concrete steps to improve our prototype.

Current state of prototyping

Like mentioned last week, we have been looking into a gyroscope and accelerometer and see if we can incorporate them into our working prototype. However, it does take time for the sensor (gyroscope, accelerometer, etc) to arrive from China. Therefore, a smartphone was used to test out how the sensors’ data could be interpreted. The data gathering can bee seen on the video below, but the analysis is still a work-in-progress, as it is not as simple as it sounds to translate raw data into sensible inputs.

Real time sensor analysis



Screenshots of the graphs drawn with Matlab from the data (another take). Red: X-axis, Green: Y-axis , Blue: Z-axis


A mockup of what we’re going to order from Canatu to test how the buttons would work in hand.

After we have received the custom-made film, Juha will come up with something clever to wire it and make it breathe!

What will be done next?

Last week, we were advised to gather 10-15 interviews from potential customers to support our vision. It is important to gather feedback from outside to see if there is true potential where we think there is. Such feedback will be used to refine the scope and the plan for the final prototype. We met and brainstormed some questions that we deemed fit for purpose and currently we are conducting the mentioned interviews.

Next week, we will have a presentation regarding our current progress and future plans. Results of our interviews are hopefully interesting and we will make sure to publish the highlights on this blog as well!



We received our sensor from China! Let’s see what we can use it for..

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