The Team & The Project

What are we doing?

We are designing and building a prototype, that is supposed to showcase the distinct features of Canatu’s CNB film. The company origins from the Aalto University’s Nanomaterials Group where the new type of process and material were invented in late 1990’s and early 2000’s. The company Canatu was founded in 2004 to productize and sell the commercial applications. Actually, the company name Canatu comes from the material that was first studied, carbon nanotube.

Nowadays Canatu’s business is growing and it is gaining momentum due to new trends in the tech industry. While Canatu’s technology is superior to many competitors, the business is still mainly focused on research and development. However, it is important for Canatu to be able to demonstrate their superior product to their customers, electronic manufacturers, and that is where we fit in. The general goal and objective of our project is to create something that utilizes Canatu’s film, to produce a proof of concept that shows the potential of the technology.


Our multidisciplinary team consists of five awesome members:

Juha Eskonen (Computer Science)
Technical wizard that can code your backside to Mars and back, also knows how to actually build electrical stuff

Henri Huttunen (Information Networks)
Jack of all trades, keeping the mess together

Janne Korpela (Industrial Engineering and Management)
If you’re out of ideas, contact this guy

Kaarle Leinonen (Industrial Engineering and Management)
The grandfatherly voice of reason

Mikko Luukinen (Engineering Physics)
Mister Cyborg ready to revolutionize the world with nanotechnology