LUME, Aalto ARTS | May 24-26 2016

The exhibition presented results from the LabOurWard! study project. The study project explored how the interplay of services, space and media can create better experiences for women giving birth, children and their families. In the exhibition, visitors can learn and experience ideas for new journeys to birthgiving.

Quote"the baby looked like an alien"The projects challenges us to rethink maternal antenatal services and incentives and provides concrete suggestions to facilitate birth giving, for example by supporting women to adopt more upright positions during pre-labour. The design ideas are presented through scenes, prototypes, information graphics and materials that illustrate possible touch points of the proposed services. The artifacts also hint at the contexts and people that inspired the ideas.

The team has explored the subject through talks and interviews with pregnant women and mothers from Uganda, Nigeria, Serbia, Italy, Germany, Colombia, Finland, Somalia, Cameroon, Russia and Brazil. The team had also access to extensive field research materials, that our partners in M4ID gathered in in resource low settings in Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia. We also organized talks and interactions with women’s health experts and conducted literature review, desk research and collaborative ideation sessions.QUOTE

In this context, the ideas presented are humble attempts to explore aspects relevant to the Milennium Development Goals aimed at improving maternal health and reducing child mortality.


generalThe study project was done with a commitment to global access. In cooperation with M4ID — Innovative Communication and Service Design for Development and Health — agency (