Looking back and looking forward

Time to unwind the intensive weeks with ONL211. It has been quite an experience, very much more than I expected. I already understand that I am now equipped with both a broader perspective on learning in general, and a bunch of new digital tools for learning. I also see that this will need some time, digestion, and implementations in the field to get the best out.

The PBL group work has been so valuable. Big thanks to all PBL 04: Sofia, Delene, Jeanne, Sanna, Eric, Sheena, and our facilitators Alan and Lena! I wish I could transfer even a bit of the great atmosphere to my students. If I imagine an alternative way of learning the topics we had: reading the material and writing essays or blog posts on my own, I would not have learned much and it would have been so boring. From this it becomes clear that group assignments have to be well-designed (as they were) but more importantly it has shown the power of community learning. There are of course different characters and personalities of learners, which can assume different roles in a group. Some are more reserved than others, but I am certain that group work can be the more effective way of learning to anyone. Group work is not always the best way, however. Individual assignments have also their place, also completely separated from the group context. They complement each other.

When looking forward to the courses awaiting in the next autumn, I feel that I can better recognize the challenges in still mostly-online-learning to come. Last autumn we were forced to adapt to it, now we can benefit from the learnings in the new situation, and when we will be over the pandemic, we will have so many possibilities to renew our teaching in the long term.

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