First excursion and the importance of humanistic education

So, I heard about this thing called humanistic education.  This is a pedagogical term and theory, which states that all learning always happens around the individual. Thus it implies that all teaching should also be personal and tied to the experience of the learner.

And this first excursion to Elektra proved this more than anything! I’ve beend wondering how the MEG works. I know the math, I’ve seen it live, I’ve even used it! But I just really can’t wrap my head around how it works. Until at this excursion someone showed me one those sensors.

They are antennas. And they pick up the magnetic field generated from the human brain. And if put up an antenna to this magnetic field, you can induce an electric current into them. And from this, through Maxwell’s equation, you can actually calculate where the signal is originating.

And I know it know, because I’ve seen it myself. It is also exactly how an avalanche transceiver works. When skiing in the backcountry, everybody is required to wear one. If someone is buried under the snow, the transceiver will transmit a signal. The other’s will then put their transceiver on the antenna mode and try to pick up the signal. This exact the same phenomenon of induced electrical current is then used to locate the origin of the signal – in this case the buried skier.

The more you learn!

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