Lecture Three and Why the Hell I Am Running Out of Time All the Time

Lecture three. No ideas really here to write. Or actually, too many of them.

The lecture was nice and I really think that the multiplexing idea on neural signal coding is something that could happen. I still don’t know how it really happens or how could we make an experiment out of it.

Marko said that motor neurons have all of three of those firing patterns. Now there is something interesting. Don’t most of the motor neurons lie in the cerebellum?

And didn’t they just find out that cerebellum does not only have connections to the body, but to the cerebrum too. Maybe the cerebellum doesn’t only fine tune the motor commands, but our thoughts as well! Maybe those motor neurons that link back to our brain could be the multiplexing system of our cortex, allowing the other neurons to communicate on time divided channels?

I don’t know, but I’ve been fascinated with this idea during this week.

But fuck. Here is the biggest problem of our university now. Of our whole society to be honest. There simply isn’t time to spend any time on any thoughts or ideas. You just have to rush forward. Make exercises. Attend lectures and meetings. Gather points. Why? Just why?

When I have an inspiring idea, when I have the motivation, shouldn’t I follow that instead and see where it leads us?

Doesn’t everything we know about humans through introspection and our neuroscientific findings say that we are not machines, that should follow some rigid orders and timetables. We should be allowed to play with idea. We should discuss with other human beings.

More spontaneous things, I say. Less rigid planning.

That said, thanks for the lecture this week. It was really good. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the exercise session, because I was too busy. Even though I would have wanted.

Go figure.

It’s a weird place.

This society.

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