Eva Durall: The role of Design Games in Participatory Design…

The role of Design Games in Participatory Design: Analysis of  Feeler Prototype Participatory Workshops

by Eva Durall

Presentation abstract

The presentation explores the potential of design games as a method for developing empathetic understandings between designers and end users, as well as for reaching focused and meaningful discussions. We present different cases of use (in a focus group and in a co-design workshop) of the design game Feeler Reflection Game, a custom-made game developed as part of Feeler prototype design research. Feeler Reflection Game is a board game designed to serve the contextual inquiry and early participatory design sessions of a design research looking for solutions to help people reflect on their well-being and learning. The presentation will include a description of the game, as well as some of the conclusions achieved after analyzing some of the design workshop in which Feeler Reflection Game was used.

Keywords: Design Games, Participatory Design, Empathic Design, Design Methods, User-centered Design

The seminar meets at Miestentie 3, room 429, Otaniemi, from 17:00 – 19:00.

For further information about Feeler Reflection Game: http://evadurall.com/feeler/

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